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Numbers & Prophetic Time Spans


Abaddon the Destroyer
Abib (The First Month in the Sacred Calendar)       Why is Abib in March in year 2000?
Abraham ... Yahweh's Friend
Abraham's Seed
Abyss. The Bottomless Pit
Advice...Giving & Receiving

Angels, Good and Evil             12 Sermons about Angels
Are Angels Immortal? Can they die?
The Two Witnesses     Aren't they Men?
Three Angels' Messages
Animal Sacrifices: are they necessary? [75k file]

ANTICHRIST:     Who/What is the Antichrist?     The Mark of Antichrist (the Beast)
Apocrypha     Septuagint .. Are these publications inspired?
Ark of the Covenant: What are you going to do about its contents?
Asherah: Wooden Pole, a symbol of the goddess Asherah. See Baal Worship below.
Ashtaroth / Astoreth / Ashtarte / Ishtar
Day of Atonement
Audio sermons CD offer  A collection of audio sermons available in two volumes.
Authorized Version   See Bible Versions below.
Azazel: the scapegoat of Leviticus 16.


Baal Worship: The Worship of Nature as opposed to the Worship of the Creator.
Balaam the Prophet   He has a message for all mankind!
Babylon the Great. The Whore of Revelation. Who is this Whore & Who are her Daughters?
of the Holy Spirit     The Gift of Tongues
of Repentance
The Beast
The Mark of the Beast
Who/What is the Antichrist?

Bible Program (Sword Searcher)   This is a highly recommended Bible Program and Authorized Version site!
Bible Sabbath Association ... Contact this organisation for addresses of Sabbath-keeping groups in your area or country.

Bible Versions Booklet   Which is the Real Word of God?         Contents listed below.
The Original Manuscripts (Masters)
Copies of the Masters
The Masorites
The Church Fathers
Ancient Versions
English Bibles
Textus Receptus The Majority Text
Minority Texts
Misleading Footnotes
Dean Burgon
Codex Sinaiticus
Codex Vaticanus
The Invention of Printing
The King James Version
Thee & Thou
The King James Version Translators
Why the King James Version should be Retained
Modern Versions & Translators
The Revised Version Committee
Brooke Foss Westcott
Fenton John Anthony Hort
Dangerous Changes in Modern Translations
Dynamic Equivalence
Famine of the Word of God
Martyrs for the Word of God
Booklet Summary
Proof Texts Missing Words, Missing Verses, Misleading Notes and Critical Mistranslations.
Vital Questions & Answers

Foreign Language Bibles based on the Textus Receptus.
Textus Receptus ... Where can I obtain a copy?
The New American Standard Version:   Is it the Word of God?
The New International Version:   Is it the Word of God?
The New King James Version:   Is it the Word of God?
King James Version Sites
Books of the Bible
Books in the Heavenly Library: Are you aware of their existence?
The Book of Life   The Almighty's Family Register. Is your name in it?
Booklets from SBS:   All Free of Charge!
Book List concerning the Creation/Evolution Debate,  Bible Version Issue. and Modern Israel
Bottomless Pit. Abyss.
Bread/Unleavened   For use during the Passover Week   and the   Passover Service
British Israel


CALENDAR PAGE:   Index to articles concerning the Sacred Sacred Calendar of the God of Israel

Calendar Booklet: Index to articles in the Sacred Calendar booklet.
Introduction and Aim
Days, months and years
Day for a Year Theory
Signs in the sun, moon and stars
New Moon Times & the Beginnings of Months
Prophetic Time Spans     Prophetic Time Span Examples
Questions & Answers concerning the Sacred Calendar
The Spiritual Jubilee Crop
Man-made Rules & Traditions in the popular Jewish Calendar
The Metonic Cycle
Sabbatical & Jubilee years
Scheduled Events in the Diary of God
The Feast Days of the God of Israel:     Index of Booklet on Yahweh's Feasts
The Millennial Reign

Calvary   Missing from modern Bible translations
Candles and Holy water
CD containing the entire SBS Web site!         Available on Request - Free of Charge!
Celibacy   Is it God's ideal for mankind?
Ceremonial laws:   Circumcision, Philacteries, Animal Sacrifices, Mixing linen with wool, Uncleanness etc.
Chosen Race   The Nation of Israel
Christmas ... Is It Christian?
Church: The Perfect Church!!
City of David   Zion!
Clean/Unclean Meats
Clothes What about Women wearing Men's Clothes?
Codex Sinaiticus
Codex Vaticanus
Communion Service / Lord's Supper / Passover Service
Confession to God or Priest?
Contentment   Do you have it?
Convocation   A commanded assembly.
Copyright Notice
    Sacred Covenants       New Covenant Basics     New Covenant       The Everlasting Covenant
Cross   The Sign of the Cross:- Should Christians make it?
Customs: Answers to Questions on various subjects.


Daily Sacrifice
Daniel ... Man of Wisdom     Daniel in the Lion's Den
Day of Atonement
Day of Judgement #1, #2
Diary of the God of Israel
Dietary Laws
Disk  containing every file at this web site; offered to you - free of charge!
Divorce & Re-Marriage
Doctrine, Who needs it?
Dress   Modesty   Makeup   Jewellery
Dynamic Equivalence


Easter ... A pagan festival in disguise.   See Pagan Gods     Easter in the KJV   Was it an Error?
Soon-coming spiritual election
Elijah & His Message     My God is Yah!,
Elisha ... Man of power
EMMANUEL:   See under Jesus Christ or Yeshua
Ecumenical Movement ... Should we join it?
Ethanim (The seventh month)
Everlasting Covenant     New Covenant
Evolution:   Fact or Fallacy!   Reference Books concerning the Evolution/Creation Debate.
Examine Yourselves
The Coming Exodus


Faith     The Just shall live by Faith     Have Faith in God     Justification by Faith
False Prophet
Falling Stars & Signs in the Heavens
The Christian Family
FAQ   Frequently Asked Questions
Fasting & Prayer

Feast Days of the God of Israel... Booklet Index   Updated May 1999.
Various Feasts, beginning with the Passover Service
Feast Days in the New Covenant
Feast Days to continue through eternity
Feast Day Sacrifices
Feast of Unleavened Bread
Feast of Pentecost       Counting to Pentecost
Feast of Trumpets     
Day of Atonement...A FAST Day
Feast of Tabernacles and The Last Great Day
Sermons for Jehovah's Feast Days
Questions answered in the Festival booklet: see under Questions
Times for Revival
The Seven Annual Sabbaths: Years 1993-1999
The Seven Annual Sabbaths: Years 2000-2005
The Seven Annual Sabbaths: Years 2011-2025
Holy Days - 2019

Figures / Types / Shadows / Prophetic Dramas
Firstfruits - Feast of
First Visibility of the New Moon
Funeral Service:   How to conduct one.


Gabriel the Archangel
Gideon ... Mighty Man of Valour
See under YAHWEH
Does He exist?
The Everlasting Gospel
Great Commandment
Great Harlot of Revelation
Great Tribulation or Time of Trouble


Head Coverings
Heavenly Library   Are you aware of the books in it?
Hell-fire & Purgatory ... Will sinners burn forever?

Holy Convocation   A Commanded Assembly
Holy Spirit
See under Spirit
Horoscopes ... Is it a sin to read them?


Immortality   Is the human soul immortal? Are the Angels immortal?
Iniquity in the Christian Church

Introduction to Stewarton Bible School (SBS)
THE HOLY BIBLE Page   The entire King James Version of the Bible!
Bible Versions Page   ....... ..................................A free booklet available on request.
The Everlasting Gospel Page
Divine Laws Page          Intro.
Bible Prophecy Page
Understand the Revelation       ........ ....... ....... ... A free booklet available on request.
The Sacred Calendar of the God of Israel ....... ....A free booklet available on request.
The Feast Days of the God of Israel ....... ....... .....A free booklet available on request.
Sacred Calendar Page                                   Send e-mail to:
Vital Topics Page   Another Page you simply must visit.     Intro.
SBS Bible Course 21 Lessons on the foundations truths of Christianity.     Intro.
Sermon Notes Page Scores of sermons for Preachers, Teachers and Students.     Intro.
Frequently Asked Questions

The Chosen of God!     Who/What is a Jew?
Antic-Semitism:   It goes back thousands of years.
Israel's Rebellion
Israel Scattered:   to the four corners of the earth.
Israel Not Abandoned
Israel Regathered by God
Israel Refined as Silver
The Promised Land:   From the Mediterranean Sea to the River Euphrates!
The Christian Church & Israel
The Palestinian Question
Israel's Future

Zion: City of the Great King
New Covenant Basics   Are Israel and Judah involved?
Israel in Prophecy
The Shofar


JEHOVAH / YAHWEH / YAHOVAH     Sacred Names of the Almighty God of Israel
See below under Yahweh for articles about the Almighty.
Jerusalem:   Its Capture & Final Deliverance.           See also:   Israel's Future

His Name JESUS (Yeshua), Emmanuel
His Name, Position and Objectives
His Power over all creation
His Power over the Nations
His Work
Yeshua the Preacher
Yeshua the Healer
Yeshua's Lowliness
Questions about Jesus (Yeshua)
Our High Priest
Behold the Lamb of God!
What shall I do then with Jesus?
Saviour of the Lost
The express image of His Father.
Signs of his Return

JEWS     Who/What is a Jew?       ISRAEL ... The Chosen of God       British Israel

Job ... Man of Patience
Joseph ... Man of Integrity
Joy     A by-product of Mercy
Jubilee Crop
Jubilee Year
Judgement, Day of
Justification by Faith
Justification by Works


Kingdom of God
King James Version:   The Real Word of God!
Kneeling in Prayer


Labourers Urgently Needed:   Because the Harvest is Penteous, but the Labourers are Few!
Lamb of God     Lamb's Book of Life     Animal Sacrifices: [75K]
See also JESUS
Last Great Day Sermon   Living Waters!

Introduction to Divine Law
Ten Commandments
Multilevel Commandments
Questions...Testimonies...Why the Saviour came to earth
Legalism ... What is it?
The Greatest Commandment
Yahweh's Vital Laws
Ceremonial laws:   Circumcision, Philacteries, Animal Sacrifices, Mixing linen with wool, Uncleanness etc.
Thou shalt not commit adultery
Thou shalt have no other Gods before me
Sacrificial Laws (Part 1)
Sacrificial Laws (Part 2)
The Ark of the Covenant
The Blessings of Obedience
Sacred Covenants
Belshazzar's Banquet  Blasphemy at its worst
The Hour of Temptation Are you preparing for it?
Yahweh's law taught in all the world
Learn to Know

The Litmus Test
LORD GOD:   Sacred Names & Titles.
Lord's Supper / Communion / Passover Service
Lost Sheep    Lost Coin    Lost Boy
Love for God and Neighbour     True Love    
Lucifer   Another name for Satan; a name which does not appear in most modern 'bible versions.'


The Man in Linen
Mark of the Beast
Men of Renown:   Abraham   Noah   Joseph   Moses Job   Gideon   Elijah   Daniel   Paul  
Menstruation / Uncleanness
Mercy     Mercy to king David     Mercy Seat
Michael the Archangel
Middle East:   Jerusalem:   Its capture and final deliverance.
Miracles and Lying Wonders
Months in the Sacred Calendar
The Beginnings of Months in the Sacred Calendar for years 1994 - 2005.
Moses     Song of Moses


NASV   New American Standard Version:   Is it the Word of God?
NIV   New International Version:   Is it the Word of God?
New King James Version:   Is it the Word of God?

Nature Worship: Baal Worship
New Covenant   Everlasting Covenant
New and Updated Articles
New Earth #1, #2
New Moons sighted from Jerusalem, Israel
New Moon Times & the Beginnings of Months for the Years 1994-2005
New Year
Number 666
Number 777


Obedience     See also: Divine Law


Pagan Gods ... Baal / Astaroth / Ishtar etc.

The Sower & the Good Seed
The Labourers in the Vineyard
The Dragnet
The Teasure Hunt
The Vineyard
The Ten Virgins
The Wedding Banquet
Yeshua The True Vine
Talented Servants
The Absent Housholder
The Prodigal Son       The Lost Son

The Passover Service   (Partaking of the Bread and the Wine.)
The Passover Night
The Passover ... When should it be held?   End of the 13th abib, or end of the 14th?
Passover in the 2nd Month ... Zif

Paul ... Yahweh's Chosen Vessel

A Gift of the Holy Spirit     Real Peace     Peace at Last
Penal Laws in Scripture
Pentecost:  Feast of First Fruits     Counting to Pentecost


Ask / Attitudes / Intercession
Kneeling in Prayer
Give thanks at all times
Perseverance in Prayer  Knowledge/Application/Patience
Secrets of Prayer (Part A) Direction / Motive / Confession
Secrets of Prayer (Part B) Good & Bad Reasons, Mandatory Parameters.
Promises about Prayer   Ask in Messiah's Name / Abide in Him
Hindrances to Effective Prayer   Sin, Doubt, Greed, Hate.
Intercessory Prayer  Seek to glorify God.
The Lord's Prayer   Does your church group pray this prayer as instructed?
Prayer and Fasting   An Invincible Combination
The Prayer of Solomon   How it concerns You.
The Prayer of Hezekiah   Nothing is impossible with God!
Presumption   Are you mistaking it for Faith?
Priests:    The Levitical Priesthood. The Melchisedec Priesthood. Yeshua our High Priest. Aaron's Rod
Prodigal Son
Promises of the Almighty

See also Revelation and Sacred Calendar
A Third of Scripture
The Prophecy of Habbakuk
The Last Days
Beware of False Prophets
The Elijah Message
The Prophet Noah
The Three Angels' Messages
The Middle East and Jerusalem
The 1000 year Reign of Peace
Prophetic Dramas of Old
The Coming Exodus
No King in Israel ...Yet
The False Prophet Balaam
The 2300 Day Prophecy of Daniel 8
Prophetic Time Spans
Prophetic Time Spans: 2300 / 1260 / 1290 / 1335 Days.
Examples of Prophectic Time Spans
Secrets of Prosperity

Psalm 107: Four examples of deliverance
Psalm 147: Yahweh's works and power
Psalm 23: The Shepherd Psalm
Psalm 94: Where is God?
Psalm 18: A Song of Thanksgiving
Psalm 91: Protection during the Time of Trouble
Psalm 1: The Secret of Happiness & Success
Psalm 73: Why do the Righteous Suffer & the Wicked prosper?
Psalm 119: Written by a Man after God's Own Heart.
Psalm 51: Adultery, Confession & Forgiveness
Psalm 8: What is Man?
Purgatory:   Is there such a place?


Questions concerning the Festivals of the God of Israel
  1. I've heard it said that the law of God was abolished at the cross. Is this the case?
  2. Where does Faith and Grace figure in this matter of keeping Feast days? Surely Stewarton Bible School must know that Christians are "Under Grace" and are, therefore, not required to keep the law!
  3. What do the following texts mean? Romans 14:5-6, Colossians 2:16-17, Galatians 4:9-10, Ephesians 2:15-16.
  4. I can see that the Sabbath according to the Scriptures is the seventh day of the week, but how can the modern believer be sure that Saturday is the seventh day?
  5. How does one keep the Sabbaths of the Almighty?
Questions concerning the Sacred Calendar
  1. When does a month begin in the sacred calendar?
  2. When does a Year begin in the sacred calendar?
  3. From where should a new moon be sighted?
  4. What are the harvest times in Israel?
  5. Why do some years have 13 months?
  6. Why do some popular Jewish calendar dates differ from those published by SBS?
  7. Do all Jews use the popular Jewish calendar?
  8. How does SBS set up the calendar?
  9. How can we check to see which calendar is correct?
  10. Where does FAITH figure in this matter?
Questions Concerning Time        Time is Short


Rebellion   Are you a Rebel?
Reference Books:   concerning Creation/Evolution     & the Bible Version Issue.
Reincarnation... Is it taught in the Holy Bible?
Remember These Things

RESURRECTION:  SBS Lesson 6,    Sermon Note 13/02    Which day did Jesus rise?

REVELATION (booklet)
Seals 1-4
Seals 5-6
The Sealing of the 144,000   Also The 144,000 Who are they?
Innumerable Multitude
Trumpets 1-5
Trumpet 6
Trumpet 7
Beast of Revelation 13 Also Who/What is the Antichrist?
The False Prophet
The Two Witnesses
The Great Whore of Revelation   Who is she?
3 Angels' Messages
7 Last Plagues
Millennial Reign     also   The Coming Millennium   Rod of Iron
The New Earth
Rod of Iron


How to organise a Sabbath Service
The True Sabbath Day
Sabbatical & Jubilee Years
Sacred Calendar of the God of Israel
See under Calendar and Questions
Sacred Names
Animal Sacrifices:   Are they Necessary?
The Daily Sacrifice:   Sabbath Sacrifices, New Moon sacrifices, Feast Day Sacrifices etc.
Sacrificial Laws ... Part 1     Part 2

Saviour of the Lost
The Joy of Salvation
What must I do to be saved?
Salvation from Trouble
The Price of Salvation
Waiting for Salvation
Heirs of Salvation
The Prodigal Son
Salvation...Who Needs It?
Neglecting Salvation   A fatal error!
The Gospel of Salvation   Have you accepted it?
Once Saved Always Saved:   True or False?

Fallen Angels
Satan...Does he exist?     Satan...The Fiery Serpent     Is Satan Immortal?
Satanic Attack
Rebellion   The Spirit of Satan
The Antichrist...Satan's Main Ally

Saturday: Is it the 7th day of the Week?
SBS     see under Stewarton Bible School below.
Scriptures     Messages from the Scriptures
Seals of Revelation
Septuagint     Apocrypha   Are these publications inspired?

SERMON NOTES:   Arranged in Modules with 12 sermons in each module.
Subject 1     Sermons about Jehovah
Subject 2     Sermons about Jesus Christ Yeshua the Messiah.
Subject 3     Sermons about the Holy Spirit and various other spirit activities.
Subject 4     Sermons about Angels   Holy & Unholy
Subject 5     Sermons about Yahweh's Law
Subject 6     Sermons about Salvation
Subject 7     Sermons about Bible Prophecy
Subject 8     Sermons about Prayer, Praise & Thanksgiving
Subject 9     Sermons about The Psalms
Subject 10   Sermons about The Parables of Jesus
Subject 11   Sermons about Famous Believers mentioned in Scripture
Subject 12   Sermons on various other spiritual subjects
Sermons for Jehovah's Annual Sabbaths
Sex & the Bible
Shofar   Herald of: Truth, Repentance, Obedience, Salvation, Dedication, Victory and Resurrection!
Sign of the Cross:   Should Christians make it?
Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars
Signs of Jesus Christ's Return

What is It?
Though your sins be as scarlet
Song of Moses
Solomon's Prayer

Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Fruit, Gifts and Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Gift of Tongues
Receiving the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit's Work
The Spirit of Truth
In Spirit & In Truth
Peace: A fruit of the Holy Spirit     Real Peace
Starting a Church Group in your area

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Home Page The front door to the SBS site.
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Bible Versions   Which is the Real Word of God?             Free Booklet available!
Bible Course   21 Lessons on basic Christianity.
The Sacred Calendar   The Calendar the Almighty is working to.     2 Free Booklets available!
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Vital Topics   Critical subjects you need to understand.
SBS News   With links to our latest articles.
SBS Groups ... Where can I find a group with SBS teachings?
SBS Contact Persons
SBS Group Photograph    See live site for photograph. File size: 151k
Seven ways in which you can support SBS?
Celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles in Stewarton.
Personal Letters from SBS Founder:   Letter 1     Letter 2

Study: How readest thou?
SUFFERING     Its cause, its benefits and its end     Why do the Righteous Suffer
Sunday:  Is it the Christian Sabbath?


Tabernacles   Sermon for the Feast of Tabernacles
Tabernacles in Scotland:   An invitation to the Feast of Tabernacles in Stewarton, Scotland
TEN COMMANDMENTS   The eternal constitution of the universe!
Textus Receptus   The Received Greek Text from which the New Testament was translated.
Textus Receptus ... Where can I obtain a copy?
The Time of Trouble
Time is Short             Questions Concerning Time
Time Spans in Prophecy
Tithes and Offerings
Tongues: Speaking in Tongues
Traditions of Men
Treasures of the Kingdom
Feast of     A Sermon for the Feast of Trumpets   Shofar   Herald of: Truth, Repentance, Obedience, Salvation, Dedication, Rescue and Resurrection!
Seven Trumpets of Revelation
The Two Witnesses: Who are They?     Aren't they Two Men?
Types / Shadows / Prophetic Dramas!


Uncleanness / Menstruation
Unclean Meats
Understand the Revelation
See under Revelation
Unleavened Bread
Recipe   See also The Week of Unleavened Bread


Versions of the Bible:   Which is the Real Word of God?
The Ten Virgins:   Who do they represent?
Vineyard:   Labourers Urgently Needed!
"Visiting the sins of the fathers"


WAR   A Cup from which all nations will drink!     Real Peace   Will it ever come?
Watchmen and their Duties
Whore of Revelation
Witnesses, The Two Witnesses
Women Preachers
Works   Are they Important?     Justification by Works


Xmas   Is it a Christian or Pagan Festival?


His Name ... Part 1     Part 2     Jehovah's Wife
His Only Begotten Son Yeshua the Messiah
His Chosen People ISRAEL        His City Zion
His Characteristics, Aims, Work and Will
His Love   True Love
His Mercy
His Wrath
His Truth
His Holiness
His Word       Which English Version is the real Word of God?
His Family
His Kingdom
His Promises
His Feast Days     Feast Day Booklet
His Enemies
His Church
Yahweh Reigns
His Laws
His Seal & Signature

YESHUA THE MESSIAH     JESUS / Y'shua / YAHshua / Emmanuel / YAHoshua
His Name JESUS (Yeshua) Emmanuel
His Name, Work, Position and Objectives
His Power over all Creation
His Power over the Nations
Signs of His Return
His Work
Yeshua the Preacher
Yeshua the Healer
Yeshua's Lowliness
Questions about Jesus (Yeshua)
Our High Priest
Behold the Lamb of God!
What shall I do then with Jesus?
Saviour of the Lost
Yeshua the True Vine
Yeshua's Blood

Year 2000 ... Y2K


Zion   Eternal City of Peace, Holiness & Truth!


1260 day Time Spans
1290 day Time Spans
1335 day Time Spans
2300 day Time Spans     The 2300 Day Prophecy explained
The 144000   Who are They?
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