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The Seal & Trumpet Chart

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1 Rev. 6:2 A WHITE HORSE Its rider carried a bow and went forth conquering and to conquer. This seal portrays the going forth of Yahweh's Warning Truth concerning COUNTERFEIT: Baptisms, Sabbath Days, Messiahs and Bibles. Beware! Jer. 29:17-18
Matt. 24:4-5
Luke 21:8
2 Rev. 6:3-4 A RED HORSE Its rider was given a great sword and proceeded to take peace from the earth. This seal tells of wars, revolutions and bloodshed on an unparalleled scale. The great sword symbolises world wars involving many nations. Matt. 24:6
Luke 21:9-10
Jer. 25:27-38
3 Rev. 6:5-6 A BLACK HORSE Its rider held a pair of scales and weighed out food at extremely high prices. (e.g. a whole day's wages for two measures of wheat). This seal brings to view world-wide famines when prices for even the barest of life's necessities will spiral out of control. (A whole day's wages for two measures of wheat). Matt. 24:7
Luke 21:11
4 Rev. 6:7-8 A PALE, SICKLY HORSE Its rider's name was Death and Hell followed him. This seal symbolises pestilence and disease epidemics of various kinds which will lay low millions of people. Matt. 24:7
Luke 21:11
5 Rev. 6:9-11 SOULS UNDER THE ALTAR Souls were heard crying for justice. They were told to wait for a while till a further martyrdom took place. This seal reveals a further persecution of God's people, a persecution as intense as any which occurred in the past. Matt. 24:9-10
Luke 21:12-19
6 Rev. 6:12-17 CELESTIAL SIGNS
  1. A great earthquake.
  2. The sun turned black.
  3. The moon turned blood-red.
  4. The stars (meteorites) fell.
  5. The sky was rolled back as a scroll.
  6. Earth's population was terrified.
These are literal signs in the physical universe. When they occur blind panic will overtake the inhabitants of the world.

Note: The Messiah does not return to earth during this seal.

Matt. 24:29
Luke 21:25-26
Jer. 4:23-28
Revelation chapter 7 is inserted between Seals 6 & 7 THE SEALING OF YAHWEH'S SERVANTS By divine authority the devastation of the earth, the sea and the trees was delayed till the servants of God were sealed in their foreheads and right hands. 144,000 Israelites were sealed. The Signature of Yahweh the God of Israel is the Sabbath days in the sacred calendar. These are the seventh day of the week (Saturday) and the seven annual Sabbaths as specified in Lev. chapter 23. Each one is a sacred memorial of a divine achievement in the plan of Salvation. In short, Yahweh seals his people with obedience. Eze. 20:12&20
Exodus 13:9
Exodus 31:13- 17
Ezekiel 9
7 Rev. 8:7 Trumpet
A third of the earth, a third of the trees and all the green grass were burned. This damaging of the earth, the sea and the trees will only take place after the sealing work is completed (Rev. 7:3). The Trumpets, in other words, cannot even commence their destruction till all 144,000 Israelites are sealed.
When the Trumpets eventually do sound, a time of great devastation will begin on earth.
The terms earth, sea, trees, grass, fish, ships etc. may have symbolic as well as literal meanings. But it must be remembered that ONE THIRD OF MANKIND are slain at Trumpet No. 6, so it is most unlikely that these terms also represent mankind.
Rev. 8:8-9 Trumpet
A third of the sea became like the blood of a dead man. A third of the fish perished and a third of the ships sank.
Rev. 8:10-11 Trumpet
A third of the rivers of water were made bitter and many people died.
Rev. 8:12 Trumpet
The sun, moon and the stars were then darkened by a third.
Rev. 9:1-12 Trumpet
The Bottomless Pit (Abyss) was then opened and an evil host led by Abaddon the King of the Abyss came forth. They proceeded to torture all mankind for five months - all except those who had received Yahweh's Seal at the time of the sealing. These believers were supernaturally protected from Abaddon's power. The Abyss is a place - or condition - in which God has imprisoned a host of evil angels. Abaddon, the King of the Abyss, is a demon of great depravity. At this Trumpet, he is given leave to torture and brutalise mankind for 5 months: that is, all except the servants of the Most High who accepted the Seal of God in their foreheads and right hands (minds and actions) at the time of the sealing. Luke 8:30-33
2 Peter 2:4
Jude 6
Rev. 9:13
Rev. 11:14
Four mighty angels were then loosed from the Great River Euphrates. Aided by a force of 200,000,000 they killed ONE THIRD OF MANKIND. At this time the holy city is trampled under foot for a period of 42 months (3 years).
Yahweh's Two Witnesses also preach to the world during this 42 month period.
At the end of this woe the Beast who ascends from out of the Abyss will kill the Two Witnesses; but after 3 days they are resurrected and carried to heaven in great glory.
During this seal, ONE THIRD OF MANKIND will be slain.
The Beast, who we are told also rises from the Abyss, could well be Abaddon the Destroyer, the Lawless One, the Son of Hell, the Exterminator from Sheol. His Mark is the age-old counterfeit of Yahweh's Signature and will again manifest itself when the bogus sabbaths of Christendom (Sunday, Christmas, Easter etc.) are enforced by law throughout the world.
Daniel 7:25
Daniel 12
Rev. 12:6-14
Rev. 13
Zech. 14:1-2
2 Thess. 2:1-17
Rev. 11:15 Trumpet
This is a time for God's anger, his judgement of the nations and the rewarding of his saints. At this Trumpet the kingdoms of this world will pass to their rightful ruler, the Messiah of Israel. Yahshua, the Son of God, will return to earth at this Last Trumpet.
The Beast will vainly attempt to make war with the returning Christ, but he will perish in the attempt. The Messiah's millennial reign of peace will then begin.
Matt. 24:30
Rev. 19:11-21
1 Thess. 4:14-17


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Author: David B Loughran
Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland
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